5 Specialized Departments in Chennai Hospitals


The city of Chennai, which is often referred to as India’s health capital, has a plethora of hospitals which are known for their extensive departments that stretch up to every specialist disease while having advanced medical care too. These hospitals not only take care of Indian patients but also attract people coming from various parts of the world. Therefore, here you can find a combination of the latest medical technology, highly proficient staff but also tender care. Here is unique contribution by the five specialized departments that is making the Chennai Hospitals stand apart from all others. Beyond the common and universal treatments being done in these hospitals, there are some unique features, treatments and the way they are leading the race with their innovative research in the medical sector.

1. Cardiology Departments

The cardiology units in Chennai, fully equipped with advanced infrastructure and the genius cardiologists, extremely focus on the care of the patients’ hearts. They cover the whole spectrum from non-invasive diagnostics to cardiac surgery operations over complex bypass surgery, angioplasties, and heart transplants. The emergence of robotic surgery and minimal access techniques has made a big difference in the change of the patient prognosis and recovery, when compared to conventional surgery. Moreover, they do the up-to-date researches on heart health and heart diseases which involve the finding of new and advanced ways to treat them.

2. Oncology Departments

The oncology departments of the hospitals in Chennai are not limited to specific kinds of cancer. They include a panel of doctors who diagnose and treat many types of cancer using a multi disciplinary way. Enabled with sophisticated systems like precision radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and stop premature drug destruction, these departments provide sensitive therapy programs that could maximize the treatment results. The integrated care services, such as counseling and rehabilitation, are the key elements of the holistic care which makes sure that, as well as being treated for diseases, patients and their families are also supported mentally and socially during the course of the whole treatment process.

3. Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments

Doctors at Schwartz Hospital Crowd come up as the major reason for Chennai’s recognition in diagnostics and treatment of brain related complications – from migraines to complex surgeries. Through the adoption of more advanced neurotechnologies such as deep brain stimulation, neuronavigation systems and also, as already implied, neuroimaging, personnel on these departments are able to make accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Highly qualified staff, including neurologists, neurosurgeons, therapists, as well as nurses, makes a team representing all fields to offer the best level rehabilitation services and treatment to the patients which prevents from any further complications.

4. Orthopedics Departments

The orthopedic department of Chennai cover not only the diagnosis and treatment but also the rehabilitation and it has all the most effective contemporary equipment like the arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement and sports medicine. Creation of customized 3D-printed implants and prosthetics, which help in reestablishing a more natural function and improving aesthetic outcomes, has marked a new era in patient care in this sphere. There is the specialisation of the department deemed solely to provide surgical solutions and in addition to that, there exists the specialisation of the department focused on giving physical therapy and rehabilitation to enhance recovery making the care comprehensive and holistic.

5. Transplantation Departments

As a matter of fact, transplantation in Chennai Center belongs to among the top in India and is known for doing all types of transplantation operations including kidney, liver, heart and lungs. Transplant departments strongly argue for the first rank because they provide a wide range of operations, which begins by assessing patients’ admission and ends at the surgical procedure with post-transplant care. Transplant teams that are the highlight of surgeon, specialists in immunology, and other supporting personnel are also not forgotten; they ensure that a patient receives best of care. These departments are seen as an opportunity for this competitiveness in the medical industry especially owing to the fact that the success rates of the transplant surgeries in the same departments have been confirmed a very good thing as they are a testimony of the competency of the professionals and also the advanced medical equipments which are in use there.


Lead hospitals of this city often implement new medical innovations and achieve better patients’ care in the city of Chennai, thanks to the opportunity for the patients to be treated in departments with the up-to-date technology and caring approach. In order to prove how the exact medical city carries its commitment to superior healthcare, organizations like cardiology, oncology, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics and the transplantation are set up. All of these departments imply excellent healthcare provided by the dedicated medical city. Thepillars of themedical research arethe research, technological, and holistic patient care departments, and todaymedicine endeavors to combine different approaches to technology, with the ultimate purpose to provide every patient,no matter where he lives, with the access to the latest treatment options and specific technologies to ensure the best treatment outcomes.

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