6 Foods That Might Cause Arthritis and Cancer



cancer causing food

We all know that cancer and arthritis are both terrible diseases. But you would be surprised to know that we have some traditional foods that cause these two diseases. You might be wondering how our traditional foods can cause these diseases? However, these diseases are linked to our diet.

Arthritis is certainly a condition that causes chronic inflammation in the joints. Multiple studies have shown that people with rheumatoid arthritis are twice as likely to have lymphoma than other people. Researchers believe that the balance of bacteria in the gut, which is directly affected by the diet and is a major cause of nausea. Chronic inflammation and low activity levels associated with lamps then weaken the immune system and can lead to the development of cancer.

Since our regular diet is a leading cause of these diseases, we have to exclude certain foods from our diet that are responsible for these diseases. For the benefit of all of you, we will highlight here some of the foods that are the leading cause of this type of disease. You should try to avoid these foods soon.

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