How Does Someone Become Successful?

Most people want to be successful, but do we truly understand what success is? The idea is so expansive. Imagine arriving in a foreign country named the United States as a little boy and not even being able to stand up straight. It would help if you then had a lot of medical care and spent a lot of time in a hospital. You’re terrified just thinking about being shackled to an operating table.

You become so frightened by it that you begin to cry and wonder when this nightmare will end. You need to spend at least 8 weeks recovering after each surgery, especially if there are multiple.


You will likely require physical therapy to increase your muscles’ and joints’ flexibility and coordination after receiving all the necessary medical care. When you first start school as a child, other children may pick on and bully you. You could find it challenging to connect socially with people.

However, despite these difficulties, you have exceptional academic talent and intelligence. You achieve achievement throughout your academic career and get numerous honours for your high G.P.A. Your teachers and many of your classmates start to like you.

Even failing to win the position of student body secretary in middle school during your seventh-grade year does not stop you from trying to do well in class.


After high school, you continue to excel in the classroom and earn an undergraduate degree. Then, you can demonstrate your ability to hold a job down successfully. Your employer is aware of your commitment and labour and your importance to the business. And even if you lose your job, you may still consider yourself successful because you put a lot of effort into getting where you are now while facing numerous difficulties and barriers.

You start looking into other employment opportunities after losing your corporate job. You somehow find yourself learning to account while maintaining your sense of accomplishment in life. The tale just told is a condensed version of the author’s journey to success. This story illustrates what true success looks like, even if you lose your job and are impacted by a bad economy.



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