How to Effectively Clean Your Bathroom in 10 Simple Steps

Cleaning up your bathroom and toilet area requires effort and some patience. Even though none of us enjoy doing it, it is a need that we cannot avoid. However, if you follow a procedure, focusing on one area at a time, you’ll make sure that you’re cleaning effectively.


To clean your bathroom successfully and efficiently, follow these 10 steps:


First, clean the restroom.


Remove EVERYTHING from the bathroom for a thorough clean. It is preferable to remove everything at once as opposed to gradually. Put all of your tiny belongings in a storage container outside the bathroom, and wash all old bedding, including carpets.


Step 2: Sweep and dust


Dust all surfaces with your duster after pulling it out. To reach corners, light fixtures, and vents, use one with a long handle. Sweep (or vacuum) the bathroom floor to get rid of dust, debris, and hair after every surface has been dusted.


Third step: Apply cleaner


Clean the surfaces in your bathroom. If you clean frequently, you can use an all-purpose cleaner, but if you need to remove buildup from your tiles, an acid-based cleaner is advised. Lather it up.


4th step: wipe


Start cleaning other surfaces, such as the shower track, shelves, towel racks, baseboards, windows, blinds, and doors, by smearing the cleaner over your cloth or sponge. Work from the top of the room, traveling left to right, to be more productive.


Step 5: Prepare the floor for cleaning


Follow the manufacturer’s directions and combine the necessary quantity of cleaner with a bucket’s worth of warm water.


Step 6: Clean up


Clean the surfaces by scrubbing away dirt and grime. The majority of the work has already been completed by the cleaner, making your job easier at this point. Before rinsing, make sure to thoroughly inspect all surfaces.


Finish the shower area in step 7


As you replace everything you took out of the shower and/or bathtub area, wipe each item with a fresh cloth. If your shower door has a glass surface, clean it with glass cleaner before closing the door.


Work on the vanity area in step 8


On your countertop, faucet, and sink, spray all-purpose cleaner. Then, wipe with a fresh towel. To remove buildup in your sink or soap dish after cleaning it, use a rough sponge. For your mirror, use a glass cleaner.


Step 9: Clean the bathroom.


If you frequently cleanse the inside of your toilet, use the all-purpose cleaner. Use a toilet cleanser and a toilet brush to remove any buildup. Spray all-purpose cleanser on the exterior, then use a cloth to wipe it clean.


10th step: sweep the floor


Dip your mop into the cleaning solution you’ve made, wring out the excess, and then begin mopping the bathroom floor. Permit to dry. Place freshly cleaned mats or rugs after they are dry, then replace the trashcan.


Use these 10 simple procedures to effectively clean your bathroom.

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