10 Essential Scholarships Every International Student Should Know About for a Bachelor’s Degree in the USA


Embarking on a Bachelor’s degree journey in the United States is akin to preparing for an adventure as grand as scaling Mount Everest International Student. It’s a mix of exhilaration, prestige, and yes, a potential strain on your finances. Before considering extreme measures like auctioning off your beloved comic book collection or launching a “Fund My Education” campaign, it’s crucial to delve into the world of scholarships. Here, we highlight ten vital scholarships that every international student eyeing a Bachelor’s degree in the USA should be aware of. Why ten, you ask? Well, it’s a pleasingly round number and there’s something inherently satisfying about round numbers, isn’t there?

  1. The “Almost Famous” Fulbright Foreign Student Program

This scholarship stands tall as the A-lister in the realm of international scholarships. It’s akin to being invited to the academic version of the Oscars. Offering extensive financial aid in various fields (excluding medicine), it’s like an all-access pass to academic excellence, covering a broad spectrum of expenses.

  1. United World Colleges (UWC) International Youth Scholarships

Think of UWC scholarships as a stimulating summer camp for your intellect and aspirations. Their focus is on uniting young minds from diverse backgrounds, reminiscent of a more harmonious United Nations, but with an emphasis on education. These scholarships considerably reduce financial burdens, potentially saving you from a diet of instant noodles.

  1. Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarships

This is a golden opportunity for students from developing countries, interested in development-related studies. It covers tuition, a monthly allowance, and travel expenses, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to study in the USA and make a global impact.

  1. AAUW International Fellowships International Student

The American Association of University Women steps in as a financial fairy godmother for women globally, aiding their studies in the U.S. This fellowship is a boon for full-time study or research, supporting women academically without the need for a glass slipper.

  1. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

Primarily catering to master’s degree students, this scholarship occasionally extends its generosity to outstanding Bachelor’s degree candidates. It’s a rare but welcome bonus, like discovering an unexpected extra fry in your meal.

  1. International Peace Scholarship Fund

Offered by the Philanthropic Educational Organization, this scholarship aids women from various countries in pursuing their studies in the USA. It’s a need-based scholarship, infused with a spirit of peace and support.

  1. The Gates Scholarship

Courtesy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this scholarship is like receiving an academic endorsement from Bill Gates himself. Aimed at exceptional, Pell-eligible minority high school seniors, it offers a comprehensive financial package, easing the burden on your savings.

  1. Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship

For students from select Asian countries, Wesleyan University’s Freeman Asian Scholarship Program covers full tuition costs. It’s an invitation to blend Eastern perspectives with Western academia in a mutually enriching educational experience.

  1. Amherst College Scholarships

Amherst College provides tailor-made, need-based financial assistance to international students. They meticulously evaluate your financial needs, ensuring that the aid package fits your circumstances perfectly.

  1. The Harvard University Scholarship

Harvard presents a variety of scholarships for international students, based on financial need International Student. The assistance ranges from modest support to full coverage, echoing the generosity of an Ivy League genie.

Personal Insights: The Adventure of Scholarship Hunting

As an international student, the quest for scholarships can feel like a thrilling chapter out of “Indiana Jones International Student.” You navigate through a labyrinth of applications, meet tight deadlines, and aim to seize that cherished scholarship. It’s a journey marked by late-night study sessions, crafting essay masterpieces, and gathering recommendation letters that truly reflect your capabilities.


Securing a scholarship for your Bachelor’s degree in the USA is an epic undertaking International Student. These ten scholarships are your treasure map to financial relief and academic success. Remember, it’s about more than just academic brilliance; it’s about showcasing your unique personality, dreams, and quirks. Equip yourself with determination, add a dash of perseverance, and embark on this exciting journey International Student. Who knows, the next triumphant story of scholarship conquest, complete with a happy bank account and a prestigious degree, could be yours!

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